Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Since the dawn of IT discipline, user applications and computing devices produced an ever-increasing volume of data generated across the years. With the advent of IoT, millions of devices started collecting data and the amount of stored data exploded, the world started talking about Big Data. In this new age of automation, robotics and Artificial Intelligence called industrial revolution 4.0, data has become the new oil of the digital economy. With AI engines this data can be processed and exploited for Improved efficiency, productivity and better decision making.

At CODE our data and AI practice focuses on evolving our products and services by infusing them with Artificial Intelligence capability to answer the ever more challenging customer requirements and help solve more complex use cases. We understand the complexities and dependencies of the different scenarios and help our customers extract insights from their data to avoid facing the data rich and information poor (DRIP) syndrome that many companies find themselves facing.

Our team is available to discuss your case and propose solutions for Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Azure cognitive services, by adding advanced language processing capabilities to your application, including text analysis, sentiment analysis, and language translation. We can also help you with Azure Machine Learning service, for building, deploying, and managing Machine Learning models at scale. The solution offers tools for data preparation, model training, and deployment, and integrates with other Azure services for seamless workflows. With Azure Open AI we can help you generate human-like text for chatbots and virtual assistants. Automated Call Centers’ operation can be enhanced with Open AI based chatbots to address thousands of customer requests. With Azure Synapse we can help you streamline data management and analysis by combining big data expertise and data warehousing capabilities.

Industry-Specific AI Solutions

Our industry-specific AI solutions are crafted to address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each sector.

AI for Public Sector

Furthermore, our team is developing a Decision Support System (DSS) for the Public Sector, whereby, a crowdsourcing platform will allow the collection of input from citizens proposing to tackle common problems or suggesting enhancements to their quality of life. The system will also collect data from other sources like Real-Time Public Transportation, Public Health institution, Sports and Leisure Events or any other relevant source. All this data will be filtered and cleansed before being analyzed by the AI engine built using Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Open AI and Azure Machine Learning to infer best action and suggest the right course of action for an optimized decision-making process. Results will be presented to decision makers through the crowdsourcing Web App and Analytics Dashboards.

AI for Insurance

For the Insurance Industry, we have developed on top of our claim management solution, an AI based engine to generate accident report template based on high level description of the accident and selected schema of the car positions using Azure Cognitive Search. The report will be available in seconds for final review and editing before submission.

The claim management solution is also using AI for predictive insurance analytics and to transform the claims and underwriting based on machine learning model applied on historical data.

AI for Education

In the Education sector we have developed a personalized training program tailor made for each individual based on candidate performance, past experience, personal strengths and weaknesses. The solution would suggest the appropriate courses, topics and material as well as the recommended specialization area for that individual.

Analytics dashboards

Analytics dashboards are the enabler for decision makers and data analysts to organize, visualize, analyze, and track data related to a business or a project. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be arranged over a dashboard to offer a high-level overview of data points from diverse sources.

CODE team has a history of implementing Business Intelligence Dashboards in diverse industries using Microsoft Power BI. Our capability covers:

  • Designing and Implementing Business Intelligence Dashboard solutions over the cloud or on-prem for highly regulated industries.
  • Embedding Power Apps directly into BI reports, where we can empower users to act in the context of their data.
  • Enabling AI features in Dashboards by turning on automated insights to help users easily find and explore insights such as anomalies, trends, and perform KPI analysis in their data. Cognitive services is another AI feature that we can activate using different algorithms from Azure Cognitive Services to achieve sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, language detection and image tagging live on your Dashboards.