At CODE, we believe that everything starts and ends with people and that “TEAM” is synonymous with “Together, Everyone Achieves More”. Our team members share our core values of integrity, responsibility & respect while operating with a high-degree of accountability, interdependence and mutual trust. Our main purpose is to make a positive impact at work as well as in our communities..

Career Development

While working towards realizing our mission/vision, we proactively help individuals in achieving their own career aspirations. Each role at CODE has clear requirements for success and offers plenty of growth potential. We particularly value individual career development, invest in team training (both technology and soft-skills) and embrace an overall self-improvement culture.
Moreover, we make sure that every manager dedicates time with his team members on a quarterly basis for jointly setting goals and defining individual growth plans. In addition, we strongly encourage peer-to-peer mentoring, which allows each individual to learn from a more senior professional (mentor) while providing the opportunity for coaching more junior members of the team (mentees).

Rewards & Benefits

At CODE, we offer a competitive employee compensation plan with a wide range of benefits for health and life insurance, as well as allowances for transportation and travel. Moreover, we believe that a person is more than his job, so we make sure that each individual has time to pursue his personal interests and passions away from the office by providing a good work/life balance. Even the technology solutions we provide make it easier for our own people to work remotely and away from the office when needed.