Resolute, a groundbreaking solution crafted by Code Technologies, is an AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize the public sector. With a primary focus on enhancing operational efficiency, decision-making processes, and citizen engagement, Resolute utilizes the prowess of Data Science to bring about positive and impactful change.

Resolute operates as a Decision Support System for public sector decision-makers. By gathering diverse data from proprietary crowdsourcing platforms, social media, external applications, and IoT devices, Resolute paints a comprehensive picture of community needs and urgent issues. This data is then meticulously analyzed to identify key contributing factors and propose effective solutions. Resolute's methodology ensures that public sector decision-makers can take the most appropriate actions to address priority issues, ultimately leading to a more responsive and citizen-centric government.

The following are the main features:

Main Features

  • Operational Efficiency: Leverages AI to streamline and optimize government operations, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient public sector.
  • New Improved Services: Enables the creation of innovative services and solutions by harnessing treated data from multiple sources, machine learning models, and a robust knowledge base
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Collects and analyzes Big Data to recognize patterns, identify issues, and provide solutions. Informed decision-making processes enhance citizens' daily lives across various aspects.