Cloud Management Platforms enable service providers and enterprises to manage and host multi-tenants in a segregated way in a unified platform and infrastructure. The platform offers a complete solution for marketplace, service catalog, subscription management, ticketing, provisioning, usage collection, order management, payments, chargeback/show back, recurrent billing and reporting.

Product Logo


Provides a turnkey sales, marketing and ordering portal with customizable content management to message and merchandise all the services. It acts as an e-commerce platform where end-users can compare services and features, add to card and shop, search and filter for any required service.

Service Catalog

Provides a complete catalog with product modeling, pricing and plans. Offers can be created for different services and will includes approval workflows, discount and promotions.


Includes pay-per-use model, auto-renew for the services and different types of order cycles.

Billing & Invoicing

Includes variant billing cycles, charge back and show back, Metering and rating, taxation cancelation.


Provides a full automation process for service provisioning with a workflow orchestration capability.


Built-in reporting module with capability to retrieve data for any integrated service and present it in a jasper report.

Integrations with 3rd party solutions

CODE team can help you customize and integrate your marketplace with 3rd party solutions like ERP, CRM, CPQ for a better fully automated digital experience. Our architects and developers can help you integrate your marketplace with your internal billing solution to recognize any revenue in near real-time and synchronize financial data between both systems.