Business solutions answer different and diversified need of business owners in terms of automation, IT enabled functions, portals, mobile applications and dashboards. Those are built in close coordination with the business owners, to serve and facilitate their day-to-day operation.

D365 CRM (Customer Service, Field Service, Sales, Commerce)

CODE Business and Functional consultants will help you identify and implement the right CRM module for a quick and successful implementation of D365, the leading CRM solutions as per Forrester and Gartner. Our team has had multiple successful implementations and customizations of D365 CRM solution to answer different business needs. We have integrated different CRM modules with 3rd party solutions to offer add-on features answering the most demanding business use cases.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is the basic building block for a successful digital transformation initiative that is sweeping the Public Sector and many other industries. Using low-code/no-code platforms, our consultants will transform your business by boosting your employee productivity, streamlining your operation and saving you redundant costs.

Document Management

Our solution for document management is built on deep expertise of previous successful implementations allowing easy access and search, versioning, sharing and file locking. Access rights will be customized based on users’ profiles, allowing segregation of views and permitted operations.

Mobile Applications and Portals

Mobile applications and portals can provide users with different access methods to the same functionalities from different channels. This gives any solution the portability needed for different users’ profiles. Executives, office employees, frontline workers and all other users profiles will have the appropriate access to read and write from/to the solution from any interface.