CODE consultants have years of experience in successful project implementations across the Middle East, Africa and Europe, namely in delivering private cloud solutions, enabling mobile workstyles as well as performing complete infrastructure migrations and datacenter transformation.

CODE Professional Services team can assist in defining, planning and implementing the strategy that will help organizations take full advantage of IT initiatives in the following areas:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Desktop & App Virtualization
  • Endpoint Management
  • Modern Work and Communication

CODE follows a proven consulting approach that is based on Microsoft Solutions Framework. Our particular methodology uses the following phases.
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Project management & QA

From project inception to closure, our project managers as well as our consultants follow a standards-based project management methodology that combines elements from PMI and PRINCE2. In addition, all project deliverables are thoroughly reviewed throughout the project for quality assurance. Click below to learn more about each phase.
  • Envision
  • Design
  • Build & Stabilize
  • Rollout
  • Support


During the envisioning phase, our architects gather detailed business and technical requirements and develop a clear understanding of the various use cases. In addition, areas of the current environment that are crucial for the success of the planned solution are thoroughly assessed and key findings are documented. This envisioning exercise allows for the definition of the project success criteria as well as the overall project plan for the proposed deployment, migration or environment expansion.


During this phase, the detailed architecture of the proposed environment is defined thru several interactive design workshops involving all project stakeholders. A low-level design document is produced that covers the various components involved with their relevant configuration settings. Topics such as environment scalability, high-availability as well as pre-requisites are also addressed and thoroughly documented. In addition, functionality and user acceptance test plans are defined and documented.

A detailed design ensures that the solution is fit for purpose and will satisfy the defined success criteria as well as the agreed use cases while leveraging industry best practices.

Build & Stabilize

During the build phase, CODE will help in building and configuring your environment to meet the specifications defined during the Design phase. This includes any integration configuration you’re your existing infrastructure. The environment installation and configuration steps are thoroughly documented during this phase.
During the Stabilize phase, functionality and user acceptance tests are conducted and test results are documented. The environment configuration is fine-tuned as required and documentation is updated accordingly.


CODE Consulting shall guide your organization through a phased rollout approach to mitigate risk and ensure a successful deployment, migration or expansion. During the rollout phase, a rollout plan is documented and any support, operations or user manuals are produced and delivered. A knowledge transfer workshop is also conducted to ensure that the operations team and/or pilot users are trained on the deployed environment. In addition, any minor issues will be tracked and promptly addressed.


For the long-term health of your environment, CODE can be engaged to provide support, maintenance, health-checks, system monitoring and/or other administrative tasks in different capacities. With onsite and remote delivery capabilities, CODE has the experience to keep your environment stable and your users satisfied.