• Cloud Services Packaging

    Our multi-cloud approach and vendor agnostic strategy allow us to be your best advisor in packaging IT services to offer a compounded value to your customers that is more than the sum of its parts. By helping you identify, price and position the individual products and services into one bundle we help you beat the competition and allow your customers to drive additional benefits from their individual acquisitions.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

    Now that we have helped you build your service bundles, our consultants will help you with the go-to-market strategy. Depending on your target client segment, market geography and industries our consultants will help you build the appropriate Go-to-Market strategy including but not limited to a digital marketplace with automated purchasing and provisioning experience.

  • Digital Marketplace Advisory Service

    With our extensive experience in implementing Cloud Control Panels and Digital Marketplaces, CODE consultants will help you define a roadmap for your future marketplace. CODE provides strategic and independent advice and consultancy support to ensure your cloud marketplace solution is strategically aligned, designed, developed and deployed allowing you to sell effectively and enabling your organization achieve and deliver real benefits.
    Our three phased approach of Build, Go-to-Market and Sell, will enhance your competitiveness in the IT market.

  • Public Sector Digital Transformation

    Through our different engagement with the Public Sector in the region, we have identified multiple areas where Public Sector (PS) digital initiatives can help streamline the government operation as well as the citizen-to-government relationship. Our consultants can help ministries, municipalities and other public sector entities launch a set of transformative initiatives.