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Introducing "WeeClaim" by Code Technologies – a cutting-edge Claims Management Solution designed to streamline insurance claims management and revolutionize customer communication in insurance. With "WeeClaim," customers can effortlessly submit digital claims using the app, promoting transparency and efficiency throughout the entire process. Say goodbye to the mystery of tow-trucks with our innovative solution, providing expert analytics and live dashboards for real-time claims monitoring.

WeeClaim ensures seamless two-way communication, making it easier to connect with the Millennials, GenZs, and Gen-Alphas. This insurtech solution offers comprehensive support from accident assistance to motor insurance claims, with features like roadside assistance and tow truck service tracking.

With "WeeClaim" experience insurance innovation at its best. Improve claims efficiency and service performance with our claims performance dashboard. Stay ahead in the industry with our solution designed for real-time insights and superior customer engagement.

WeeClaim is not just a claims mobile app; it’s a revolution in the way insurance claims management is handled. From intimation to resolution, every step is designed to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. Whether it's a motor accident or routine roadside assistance, "WeeClaim" has you covered.

Especially adept at handling accident assistance, "WeeClaim" supports customers during critical moments, providing multiple layers of roadside assistance,making it the ideal companion for drivers needing reliable support.

Solution Components:

  • End-User Mobile App: Empower customers with an intuitive interface for claims submission.
  • Services Mobile App: Facilitate service providers with tools for efficient claim resolution.
  • Web Portal: A robust platform for insurance companies, brokerage firms, expert inspectors, and tow truck services.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard: Gain insights with detailed analytics and performance metrics.

Main Features

  • Facilitate Claims Process: Simplify claims submission for a hassle-free experience.
  • Service Live Tracking and Monitoring for Accident Assistance: Customers can track the requested services, in real-time through the mobile app.
  • Encourage Transparency: Enhance customer communication for clear and honest interactions.
  • Solve Tow-Trucks Mystery: Provide analytics on tow-truck response times and arrivals.
  • Engage Customers: Foster interactive communication channels for improved engagement.
  • Measure Performance: Access live dashboards and comprehensive reporting for performance evaluation.
  • Tailored Dashboard Features:Filter accidents by various parameters, and overview customer satisfaction and other service KPI.