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Resolute for Education is an advanced AI-driven solution meticulously designed to optimize collaboration among university alumni. Tailored for the Education Sector by Code Technologies, Resolute collects, categorizes, and crossmatches alumni data from various sources, offering universities a versatile tool to enhance global alumni engagement, manage memberships and relationships, memberships management and renewal and fundraising.

Resolute stands at the forefront of innovation, empowering universities to strategically optimize alumni collaboration and management, and address global engagement challenges with unparalleled efficiency and insights by providing the following functions:

  • Data Collection and Consolidation: Efficiently locates and connects with alumni worldwide.
  • Categorization and Cross-Matching: Utilizes AI to categorize and crossmatch alumni profiles from social media and publications.
  • Database Validation and Updates: Ensures accuracy through regular validation and updates of the alumni database.
  • Education Analytics Dashboards: Provides powerful analytics dashboards for valuable insights, fostering a strong global alumni community, and using AI for student advisory .
  • Robust Alumni Community Creation: Facilitates efficient networking and fundraising through the creation of a robust alumni community and providing an alumni engagement portal to engage in communication, to renew membership, enhance relationships, and search job opportunities.

Main Features

  • Global Connectivity: Efficiently locates and connects with alumni worldwide and allow them to engage.
  • Meaningful Interactions: Fosters meaningful interactions and networking opportunities.
  • Streamlined Alumni Fundraising: Provides a platform for streamlined alumni fundraising and university fundraising initiatives.
  • Mentorship and Recruitment:Encourages mentorship and creates opportunities for alumni recruitment.
  • Curriculum Development Support: Supports curriculum grooming based on alumni outcomes and industry trends.
  • Career Trajectory Analysis: Analyzes the professional advancement of graduates, tracing their trajectory from graduation to assuming diverse roles.
  • Program Impact Assessment: Examines how programs affect the careers and performance of alumni.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Offers feedback to shape the university curriculum and enhance programs.
  • Career-Student Trends Connection: Connects career data of alumni with student records to identify trends.
  • Proactive Student Intervention: Categorizes present students based on recognized patterns, facilitating proactive intervention.
  • Advisor Empowerment: Equips advisors with insights and dashboards which measures post graduation outcomes to guide students more effectively.