Public Sector

Today’s public sector main challenge is to balance the stability of service delivery versus the speed of citizens’ changing needs. With limited resources, tight timelines and unprecedented challenges, public sector leaders must embrace digital transformation as the way to thrive in an era of constant change.

Our success stories with the public sector in KSA, Egypt, Qatar and Lebanon has given us a deep understanding of the technical, operational and organizational challenges the public sector is facing.

At CODE we can help public administrations define their strategy, implement and adopt the required change and support them during the operation phase.

Now more than ever, the public sector must balance the stability of service delivery with the speed to react to citizens’ changing needs. Facing limited resources, compressed timelines and unprecedented challenges, leaders must embrace new ways of working to be successful.

We combine human ingenuity, technology and a delivery-focused culture to enable leaders across public sector organizations to turn ambition into action. By maximizing the value of existing investments and expertise, we help build the foundations of material improvement that delivers sustainable value for citizens and creates lasting capability within government.

The result is more agile government, with services that respond to individual needs, empowered civil service teams that are ready for anything and an efficient technology infrastructure that can scale rapidly.

Telcos and Service Providers

Having a rich history of implementing hosting solutions and control panels to Service Providers and Telco Operators, CODE has always been a major player in this space with its legacy attached to this industry as an enabler of telcos transformation into hosting and managed services providers. With its expertise in Cloud Management platforms, mail and infrastructure migration, CODE team can support in different scenarios with in-house products and vendors’ recognized solutions.


In the banking sector, CODE has successfully implemented multiple virtualization projects allowing banks to maintain a highly regulated environment while allowing its users to access and operate remotely and securely.


The education sector has witnessed a major digital transformation in the last decade, through remote teaching models, IT based classrooms, artificial intelligence for predictive student performance, virtual campus and multiple other innovative solutions.

Having recognized the importance of this transformation in the education sector, CODE has partnered with Partner4Change a socially-committed Enterprise, with a mission of Landing Positive Change in Learning and Planet with Inclusive and Sustainable business practices. CODE and Partner4Change will be working on introducing innovative solutions for the Education sector in the MENA region to help them adopt the latest trend in the field.